It is important to be vigilant when choosing the material of utensils of our cookware, as often the longevity of our products depends on it!

Thus, we will go over a few: Steel. Very resistant and durable, it is a perfect material for those who spend time with the stoves.


Aluminum. Lightweight, easy to care for and inexpensive, aluminum is ideal for those who do not necessarily want to invest in an overpriced kitchenware but are looking for quality.

Stainless steel. Stainless steel offers a healthy cooking of food, and it is a material that offers good long-term performance.

The cast iron. Enamelled cast iron offers an excellent distribution of heat for the simmered dishes. In addition, enamelled cast iron dishes can be ovenproof, as this material is perfectly resistant to high temperatures.

The Teflon. The Teflon’s interest is that thanks to it we can cook food without fatty material, and without sticking! The enamel. The enamel casserole is the typical pan of our grandmothers, very easy to clean.  This site here goes over most of the best types.  You can also follow their Facebook page for more info.