You certainly know the phrase “have a goldfish memory”. Scientists have proved that fish are much smarter than we thought. DGS explains everything about this discovery that undermines popular beliefs.

Fish are often seen as poorly intelligent animals. Yet a study by Culum Brown from Macquarie University in Sydney suggests that some of them have a higher cognitive capacity than we thought. Culum analyzed the field of research around brain capabilities and sensory perceptions. His work has been funded by The Someone Project , an animal rights organization.

Humans eat fish more than any other animal on Earth. These animals are also widely used in laboratories as test subjects. Despite their diversity and importance, these vertebrates are not as well considered as others, especially mammals. This is partly due to the fact that many people believe that fish do not feel pain and are rather stupid.

“Although scientists can not provide a definitive answer to the question”Do fish have emotions?“, the extensive information on the behavior of fish shows that it is better to consider them as other vertebrates in the consciousness and perception of pain.

Although it is assumed that only humans possess the ability to promote one hemisphere of the brain rather than the other depending on the tasks, many researchers believe that this ability can extend to many other animals, including fish, which would be able to perform several complex activities simultaneously.

Fish can be trained to remember the location of an object through the clues given by the landscape.

The myth of the goldfish that had a memory of 3 seconds has been reversed for a long time. The fish actually have excellent long-term memories.

A bench of fish is not just a goalless group that swims at random. Fish can live in complex societies in which certain traditions can be passed from one generation to another, such as the ability to learn. Some fish have already demonstrated cooperation and reconciliation.

Fish have feelings, and it is a scientific study that says Fish have soul.
Zebra fish studied by scientists react to stress by increasing their body temperature, a phenomenon called “emotional fever” which would show that they would be able to feel emotions. Previous studies had already shown that fish, despite their tiny brain, could use tools, navigate , and even recognize their social status .