Before installing, use a mixing valve with the NF standard that guarantees the quality of the product, its flow rate, its finish, its sealing system and its resistance to wear .
The mixing valve is usually delivered as a kit including all connecting accessories.

Equipment you will need:

A set of flat keys.
A game of screwdriver.
Adjustable wrench.
A clamp
Protective goggles (optional)
A cutter (optional)

The materials:
A mixer tap (with or without hand shower).
Two olive fittings for cold and warm water (normally included in the kit)
A Teflon roll or joint paste .
First of all, please turn off the water supply to prevent leakage and flooding .

It is necessary to drain the circuit by opening the old valve. Dismantle the valve (optional)
Fit the mixer Take the new mixing valve out of its box and fasten the supply hoses and the seals needed to seal the valve.

Mount the mixer

Supply hoses : Screw the hose fittings (male and female) to the base of the mixer with a flat wrench
The threaded rod : Locate the threaded rod and its fixing nut, which will be used to hold the mixing valve in place. Secure the threaded rod next to the hoses in the space. Secure it first manually and then with a suitable screwdriver.
Base gasket : Insert the gasket into the space under the mixer tap. This seal will prevent water infiltration.
Good to know: The mounting system may vary depending on the model. Some have two threaded rods instead of one. Others have a ring nut in replacement or in addition to the threaded rod and the flange.

Place the mixer on and under the sink / countertop

The hose connections, the threaded rod and the base gasket are fixed to the tap, it remains to install the mixer tap.  Do drag items into the hole in the sink / sink or the worktop while correctly positioning the cylinder base gasket, without deforming it, so that it fulfills its role as a seal. Tighten the nut of the kitchen mixer tap
Before fastening all the elements behind the sink / washbasin / worktop, insert the protective shim under the sink so that the material (ceramic, stainless steel, stone) is not damaged during tightening. Check that the mixing valve is correctly positioned , place the bracket on the protective shim and then screw the fixing nut with a pipe wrench.  Connect the water supply hoses. Connect the water supply to the mixer
Connect the supply hoses to the piping : hot water for the red hose, cold water for the blue, while checking that the hoses have the proper seals.  In the meantime, Tighten the nuts with flat wrenches . It is advisable to improve the sealing with a teflon tape , or sealing compound when tightening.

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