Things you would know about fish

You certainly know the phrase “have a goldfish memory”. Scientists have proved that fish are much smarter than we thought. DGS explains everything about this discovery that undermines popular beliefs. Fish are often seen as poorly intelligent animals. Yet a study by Culum Brown from Macquarie University in Sydney suggests that some of them have …

How to install a faucet

Before installing, use a mixing valve with the NF standard that guarantees the quality of the product, its flow rate, its finish, its sealing system and its resistance to wear . The mixing valve is usually delivered as a kit including all connecting accessories. Equipment you will need: A set of flat keys. A game …

What material cookware to buy?

It is important to be vigilant when choosing the material of utensils of our cookware, as often the longevity of our products depends on it! Thus, we will go over a few: Steel. Very resistant and durable, it is a perfect material for those who spend time with the stoves. Aluminum. Lightweight, easy to care …

Carpet Care Tips

Cleaning your carpets is so important nowadays. You must get a quality company to come by at least once every 6 months to do some cleaning for you.  Here is an example of a reputable company in the Cornelius NC area called Lake Norman Carpet & Tile Care. Check out their directory listings below.  


the irs is an organization that doesn’t mess around.  for this reason we suggest that you watch the following vid.