Types of Saws

The saw blade is mounted directly on the motor shaft of the circular saw. The circular saw is equipped with an axle locking system and a safety switch for safe use.

Applications: Ideal for all work on-site and/or workshop. Perfect for carpenters, cabinetmakers … Also used for miter cutting.

Circular saw – miter saw applications:

The circular saw also allows miter sawing, using the supplied guide to obtain straight cuts. For example, there is an indication on the machine that allows miter cutting at 45 °. There are also models for cutting thin metal plates, of course with the help of a suitable blade.

The band saw rotates a closed steel band on itself.

Applications: This machine is ideal for working wood quickly and accurately. Can also be used to saw complex shapes.

Band Saws

The band saw offers the advantages of a jigsaw and also allows you to cut relatively complex shapes in materials that are neither too big nor too thick. The cutting of thick wood pieces resting on the cutting table, possibly against a guide blade, is more comfortable than with a handsaw. Depending on the width of the band saw, you can saw a thicker material. If you do not use the correct blade width, the cut will not be vertical.

The scroll saw is made up of a thin, short blade, which goes up and down, and is only used to cut small objects, no thicker than a few millimeters. Sawing table possible for making angle cuts.

Applications: The coping saw is used to cut difficult curves and complex shapes.

With a thin blade, saw the most complex shapes in a material not exceeding a few millimeters thick. The sawdust is blown by a small plastic tube, which makes it easy to see the cut line. The worktable can also rotate.

Table Saws

A table saw can be supplied with a table extension, a set of wheels and handles. Equipped with wheels, it is easy to move by one person. Sawdust suction system also available. Here is an example of a good one http://thesawcritic.com/dewalt-dwe7491rs/.

Applications: To be used for boards and other long workpieces. Calculate the exact dimensions of the blade to the blade guide. Tighten the blade guide, start the machine, and slowly slide the blade toward the blade. It is possible to collect the sawdust under the saw. The height of the blade is also adjustable, to saw shallow grooves in boards or long plates.

There is also an electrical device that allows both straight and curved cuts: the universal saw or saw apiece, also called reciprocal saw. The different blades make it possible to saw all the materials.

Applications: A reciprocal saw is a universal tool. It is used to saw jambs, wood, plastic, plasterboard, and metals, for demolition work, as well as in the garden. With flexible blades, it is possible to work in hard-to-reach places, for example against a wall.

Things you would know about fish

You certainly know the phrase “have a goldfish memory”. Scientists have proved that fish are much smarter than we thought. DGS explains everything about this discovery that undermines popular beliefs.

Fish are often seen as poorly intelligent animals. Yet a study by Culum Brown from Macquarie University in Sydney suggests that some of them have a higher cognitive capacity than we thought. Culum analyzed the field of research around brain capabilities and sensory perceptions. His work has been funded by The Someone Project , an animal rights organization.

Humans eat fish more than any other animal on Earth. These animals are also widely used in laboratories as test subjects. Despite their diversity and importance, these vertebrates are not as well considered as others, especially mammals. This is partly due to the fact that many people believe that fish do not feel pain and are rather stupid.

“Although scientists can not provide a definitive answer to the question”Do fish have emotions?“, the extensive information on the behavior of fish shows that it is better to consider them as other vertebrates in the consciousness and perception of pain.

Although it is assumed that only humans possess the ability to promote one hemisphere of the brain rather than the other depending on the tasks, many researchers believe that this ability can extend to many other animals, including fish, which would be able to perform several complex activities simultaneously.

Fish can be trained to remember the location of an object through the clues given by the landscape.

The myth of the goldfish that had a memory of 3 seconds has been reversed for a long time. The fish actually have excellent long-term memories.

A bench of fish is not just a goalless group that swims at random. Fish can live in complex societies in which certain traditions can be passed from one generation to another, such as the ability to learn. Some fish have already demonstrated cooperation and reconciliation.

Fish have feelings, and it is a scientific study that says Fish have soul.
Zebra fish studied by scientists react to stress by increasing their body temperature, a phenomenon called “emotional fever” which would show that they would be able to feel emotions. Previous studies had already shown that fish, despite their tiny brain, could use tools, navigate , and even recognize their social status .


How to install a faucet

Before installing, use a mixing valve with the NF standard that guarantees the quality of the product, its flow rate, its finish, its sealing system and its resistance to wear .
The mixing valve is usually delivered as a kit including all connecting accessories.

Equipment you will need:

A set of flat keys.
A game of screwdriver.
Adjustable wrench.
A clamp
Protective goggles (optional)
A cutter (optional)

The materials:
A mixer tap (with or without hand shower).
Two olive fittings for cold and warm water (normally included in the kit)
A Teflon roll or joint paste .
First of all, please turn off the water supply to prevent leakage and flooding .

It is necessary to drain the circuit by opening the old valve. Dismantle the valve (optional)
Fit the mixer Take the new mixing valve out of its box and fasten the supply hoses and the seals needed to seal the valve.

Mount the mixer

Supply hoses : Screw the hose fittings (male and female) to the base of the mixer with a flat wrench
The threaded rod : Locate the threaded rod and its fixing nut, which will be used to hold the mixing valve in place. Secure the threaded rod next to the hoses in the space. Secure it first manually and then with a suitable screwdriver.
Base gasket : Insert the gasket into the space under the mixer tap. This seal will prevent water infiltration.
Good to know: The mounting system may vary depending on the model. Some have two threaded rods instead of one. Others have a ring nut in replacement or in addition to the threaded rod and the flange.

Place the mixer on and under the sink / countertop

The hose connections, the threaded rod and the base gasket are fixed to the tap, it remains to install the mixer tap.  Do drag items into the hole in the sink / sink or the worktop while correctly positioning the cylinder base gasket, without deforming it, so that it fulfills its role as a seal. Tighten the nut of the kitchen mixer tap
Before fastening all the elements behind the sink / washbasin / worktop, insert the protective shim under the sink so that the material (ceramic, stainless steel, stone) is not damaged during tightening. Check that the mixing valve is correctly positioned , place the bracket on the protective shim and then screw the fixing nut with a pipe wrench.  Connect the water supply hoses. Connect the water supply to the mixer
Connect the supply hoses to the piping : hot water for the red hose, cold water for the blue, while checking that the hoses have the proper seals.  In the meantime, Tighten the nuts with flat wrenches . It is advisable to improve the sealing with a teflon tape , or sealing compound when tightening.

If you would like a good faucet that will last a long time then we would recommend this one here www.bestkitchenfaucets.net/delta-9178-ar-dst-review/.  Other good brands are Kohler and Kraus.


What material cookware to buy?

It is important to be vigilant when choosing the material of utensils of our cookware, as often the longevity of our products depends on it!

Thus, we will go over a few: Steel. Very resistant and durable, it is a perfect material for those who spend time with the stoves.


Aluminum. Lightweight, easy to care for and inexpensive, aluminum is ideal for those who do not necessarily want to invest in an overpriced kitchenware but are looking for quality.

Stainless steel. Stainless steel offers a healthy cooking of food, and it is a material that offers good long-term performance.

The cast iron. Enamelled cast iron offers an excellent distribution of heat for the simmered dishes. In addition, enamelled cast iron dishes can be ovenproof, as this material is perfectly resistant to high temperatures.

The Teflon. The Teflon’s interest is that thanks to it we can cook food without fatty material, and without sticking! The enamel. The enamel casserole is the typical pan of our grandmothers, very easy to clean.  This site here goes over most of the best types.  You can also follow their Facebook page for more info.

Carpet Care Tips

Cleaning your carpets is so important nowadays. You must get a quality company to come by at least once every 6 months to do some cleaning for you.  Here is an example of a reputable company in the Cornelius NC area called Lake Norman Carpet & Tile Care. Check out their directory listings below.



the irs is an organization that doesn’t mess around.  for this reason we suggest that you watch the following vid.